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Everyone can lose weight with Herbalife and the delicious, healthy, sustainable nutrition packed Herbalife meal replacements shakes. If you try Herbalife, it will work for you like it is working for us. Try it for breakfast for 6 days and you will know this is something that can work for you.

On July 9, 2012, one of our customers offered to bring my wife and I breakfast for 4 days, to see if changing our breakfast would make us feel better. 4 days later we were feeling the results. More energy and sleeping better was the first noticeable results. It was a fast and easy way to prepare meals in our busy lives. We started having Herbalife shakes for lunch as well as breakfast a few days later. We also started taking Herbalife supplements.  Amazing things started to happen. We noticed more energy, we became more alert, our clothes started to become loose, we were shrinking. We have never missed having Herbalife for at least 2 of our meals each day, we have continued to take the supplements as well. People have said we both look younger.  We have each lost over 5o pounds, regained our energy and feel GREAT. We are now coaching others.

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Herbalife Members, Distributors, Jim & Joy Atteberry are providing great Herbalife nutrition and Herbalife nutritional education. If you would like to see for yourself how great nutrition can restore your energy and overall wellness, get your Herbalife 6 day trial by calling Jim or Joy at 407-406-8559, or for only $12.95, purchase a Herbalife 6 day trial pack online HERE: Try It 6 Days

You will have the best 6 days of your life. Try Herbalife 6 days. 6 delicious, nutrition enriched meal replacement shakes, with the Herbalife 6 Day Trial Pack and get breakfast for 6 days to find out how great cellular nutrition can make you feel.

See below and the other pages on this website to see how Herbalife products have changed our lives. We would like to pay it forward by helping you find out what great Herbalife Cellular Nutrition can do for you.

This is an exciting time to be a part of Herbalife, and we are proud of what
we do every single day in changing the lives of millions of people around the world

Herbalife 6 day trial

How would you like to feel incredible for the next 6 days?

You can try it for breakfast for 6 days and make sure you like it before you purchase a full program!

·         FREE Customized Meal Plan

·         FREE One on One Coaching

·         FREE Healthy Snack Lists

·         FREE Support

Here's how simple it is:

BREAKFAST - Formula 1 Healthy Meal plus Protein and 1 Total Control to boost your metabolism and Energy.

Herbalife is committed to developing effective products that are based on the highest research, development and manufacturing standards.

Weight Management

Trying to maintain weight? Our science-based Weight Management products, including Herbalife® Formula 1 Nutritional Shakes, help millions around the world look and feel great every day.

Energy and Fitness

Whether you're a serious athlete or a weekend warrior, Herbalife® Sports & Fitness products support recovery and performance through good nutrition and supplementation.

Targeted Nutrition

Our Targeted Nutrition products offer a balance of nutrients to support heart health, stress management, men's, women's and children's wellbeing, digestive health and inmmune health.

Outer Nutrition

Keep your skin and hair beautiful with Herbalife® Outer Nutrition products - your secret to feeling and looking youthful.

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24 Sports Product Training


Herbalife 24 Sports Training Video



Herbalife24 is the first comprehensive performance nutrition line empowering athletes
24-hours a day.

Herbalife24 Product Training

John Heiss, Ph. D., Director of Sports & Fitness at Herbalife and lead scientist behind the Herbalife24 prod . . 

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We got started to lose weight and gain energy. We got great results and started sharing our results with people who noticed.

Before Herbalife, Joy and I were severely overweight. We had no energy, were losing our ambition for life as well as our businesses. We thought we had just gotten old. I was 61 and Joy 56. We have each lost over 60 pounds. We are exercising every day, and feel 30 years younger. Our businesses are prospering again.

We own a business equipment dealership and a commercial printing company. We did not see a way to ever stop working (retirement). Now our zest for life is back! We see Herbalife as a way to enjoy life more by developing long term relationships helping people find the benefits of good nutrition and exercise.

We joined Herbalife 7/13/2012

One of our customers came into our office to purchase some printing. He had the courage to offer to bring us breakfast for the next 4 days and if we felt better we could talk about changing our life using a good nutrition program that was sustainable. We did feel much better after 4 days using the Herbalife Shake, protein, herbal tea and aloe. We decided to incorporate the Herbalife nutrition products into our daily life for 2 meals each day. Later, after sharing Herbalife with several friends and customers that noticed a difference in us, we joined Herbalife.  We really like helping people get healthy and start to change their lives. It is very rewarding when customers and members make a special trip to your office to thank you for helping them find Herbalife. We don’t get that gratitude from our other businesses. We have incorporated Herbalife into our everyday lives. We share Herbalife with everyone we talk to. It just seems natural.

We use all of the Herbalife products because we know and trust that we are becoming more healthy each day, not the other way, as we did for most of our lives. We are very excited about living a healthy life sharing Herbalife.

We both are excited about the possibilities of our future with Herbalife. We are getting healthier, happier, stronger and wiser each day, thanks to the Herbalife products, training and the philosophy of sharing a healthy lifestyle with everyone.

We know we are not at the end of our lives, (as we once thought) we feel we have much to contribute and with Herbalife we can and will.

We believe everyone can become successful with the Herbalife business, by simply using the products to become the best you can be, and sharing your success with others. Bring Herbalife into your daily lives, (work and play), build relationships around these products and watch lives transform.

Sincerely care about people.

Call, text or email us if you have questions or need assistance. We would love to help you!


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